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CACCI members are classified into three categories:

The Primary Members are the apex Chambers of Commerce and Industry in countries or independent economies of Asia and the Western Pacific, which are the lead nonprofit organizations of the interests they represent in their respective countries or independent economies. For purposes of recognition by the Confederation as Primary Member, an apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall be an association representing a cross-section of the economic forces of a country or independent economy. Primary Members pay annual membership fees which vary from country to country, depending on the country's level of economic development.
The Affiliate Members comprise the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other business associations in countries and independent economies of the region other that Primary Members. Affiliate Members pay an annual membership fee of US$300.

Special Members are composed of business enterprises and individuals supporting the objectives and purposes of the Confederation. Special Members are classified into two categories:

1. Regular Special Members who pay membership fee of US$200 annually.

2. Lifetime Special Members who pay membership fee of US$1,000 only once upon their acceptance as members.